Jemma Tute

who is

Jemma Tute

BSc (Hons) HCPC MChS



Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you train and what was the course like?

I trained at Northampton University in order to get my BSc in Podiatry, having previously worked in sales it was a bit of a change! It was fantastic.

What will we find you doing outside of the clinic?

I'm very outdoorsy really and love sailing, walking, climbing, rugby. You name it I've probably tried it, although I have a torn meniscus at the moment in my left knee so that's prevented me from doing a lot recently. Lucky I work in the right place!

What can you help with?

I love treating everything from ingrown toenails, corns & calluses to painful biomechanical lower limb problems such as plantar fasciitis, tendon problems and collapsed arches. All which can often be managed with stretches, exercises, footwear changes and orthotic devices