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Frequently asked Questions


Where can I park

The clinic is located conveniently in the centre of Cirencester on Dyer Street close to the shops, cafes and restaurants.

Dyer St Chiropractic is located a few doors down from Gardiner Haskins Homecare. There is free parking outside M&S along Dyer Street and there are 4 further car parks within close proximity of the clinic;

  • • Forum Carpark (1 minute walk) 250 spaces
  • • Beeches Car Park (1 minute walk) 220 spaces
  • • The Waterloo Carpark (2 minute walk) 230 spaces
  • • Market Place Carpark (2 minute walk) 20 spaces

Please note parking in the forum is free after 3pm weekdays

What payments do you accept

All forms of payment, Cash, Card (except Amex) are accepted.

Can I see a female practitioner?

Yes, simply state when booking you’d rather see a female, alternatively select a female provider from the menu when booking online.

How quickly can I get an appointment?

We know when you're in pain you need to see someone as soon as possible. We pride ourselves in booking our patients in quickly and prompty.

How can I book an appointment?

You can book appointments online, speak to us on 01285 671 442 or via email info@dyerstclinic.com

Are any of the assessments or treatments available on the NHS?

No, currently all our sessions are on a private basis.

What should I wear to a chiropractic, physiotherapy or massage appointment?

The best clothing to wear to an appointment is loose and comfortable. Items that we can easily move you around in. For our clinicians to do an accurate assessment and gather all relevant information it is often beneficial to uncover the body part in question.

If you have an upper body or neck problem you will be required to remove your top half. Please wear underwear that you feel comfortable in and or bring a vest top.

For a lower limb or low back problem, we will often ask you to uncover both your lower and upper back. For the lower half we would suggest that you bring some shorts. We have freshly laundered gowns or clinical shorts available. 

Will I have to go up a flight of stairs?

We currently have two treatment rooms upstairs and two downstairs. If you are unable to use a flight of stairs, please let us know and we will ensure that the downstairs room is available. Please note our bathroom facilities are also upstairs.