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Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Podiatry are primary health care professions concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

Here at Dyer St Clinic in Cirencester, our team are experts in treating patients with a wide range of injuries and musculoskeletal issues. Often a injury can be caused by the most seemingly innocuous actions; bending down to tie up a shoelace, reaching up to a high shelf or exercising without adequately preparing one’s body.

Although back pain is typically what most people associate with chiropractors, chiropractic is much more than that. On a daily basis our team successfully treat issues from dodgy shoulders, aching knees and debilitating headaches.

Our team of experienced, fully qualified chiropractors, physiotherapists and podiatrists will get to the root cause of the problem, provide a correct diagnosis and a treatment plan, that is specifically tailored to your individual needs.

All the members of our team of Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Podiatrists are registered with the correct professional bodies the General Chiropractic Council, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Health Care Professionals council, so you can be assured of the highest standards of practice whilst in our care.

We are dedicated to continuous professional development so we can offer, not only to bring relief of pain, but to improve the overall quality of life of patients.

So if you need a Cirencester Chiropractor, or are looking for physiotherapy in Cirencester, please contact us to today to make an appointment. We can’t wait to start making you feel better.

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what makes our clinic

We believe that everyone has the right to be living pain free, not having to depend on painkillers to get through the day and not being held back from doing all that they love due to pain.



We’ll help you understand what is causing your pain and how to make it go away. We’ll take the time to listen but get you better fast. We understand that when you need help, you need it quickly; 90% of people will have an appointment within 48 hours.

80% of the UK population had pain last year that could have been fixed with treatment. No one deserves to have constant pain when the problem is often treatable. Every day we help people become pain free and get back to doing what they love.

We are a welcoming clinic who truly understand the impact that pain and injury can have on life. We know what this can mean for you; being worried that your body is letting you down or your family and friends are being held back because of you. We know what it’s like to have to think about pain too much of the time and that it’s not fair to have to plan your life around your symptoms. We are here because it doesn’t have to be that way.

Through our expert assessment and treatment, every day we get people like you feeling better. Our patients tell us they no longer feel worried about symptoms staying forever or getting worse. They transform to become happy, relaxed and carefree.

“Before I saw you, I dreaded even sitting up in bed, I worried about becoming old and frail, whilst being a burden on my loved ones. 6 months after seeing you I walked the great wall of china with no pain. You have literally changed my life for the better...”

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Our Clinics Story

We started our careers as chiropractors working the other side of the country in Essex, but after long hours and not being able to treat patients exactly as we wished it didn’t take long to want a change.

Together we decided to make a big change, start our own business and run a clinic our way...

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This was scary, but we knew that we wanted to do this for ourselves. We relocated to Cirencester to be closer to our family and set about starting our own clinic!

After many hours sat around a kitchen table with many cups of coffee, our big dream became a plan. We opened the doors to Dyer St Chiropractic Clinic in 2014.We started to treat patients the way I wanted to and they became natural advocates for our business.

Running our clinic our way gives us the freedom to put all our energy into getting our select number of private patients feeling better. We're different from other chiropractic clinics because we're passionate about getting our patients better in as few sessions as possible. We use a mixture of different treatments which get our patients moving better, feeling better and staying better.

As you can tell by the name, Dyer St Chiropractic Clinic started as just that; a chiropractic clinic. As we have driven the clinic forward over the years our clinic has evolved to offer chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy treatment, sports medicine, podiatry and sports massage all under one roof.

We started small but we're full of ambition. As our clinic continues to grow and move forward, our values will always be the ones we came up with at our kitchen table; expertise, genuiness, time and a friendly face.

“Simply being told that it was nothing serious
was relief in itself”